The Fine Print

Deposits and Payment
A deposit will be requested after a quote is issued and approved by you. The remaining balance is to be paid at the end of the project, once project is approved and before the final package is delivered/uploaded. Work commences when deposit is received. The deposit is non-refunable. Quotes do not include VAT at 20%.

You can make cancellations at any time. Please keep in mind that the deposit is non-refundable.

Additional Work During Project
During the event that there will be additional requests after the project has begun, extra fees other than the price originally quoted will apply. Customer will be notified at the time of request of the additional fees.

Images & Stock Photos
It’s optional to provide your own images at no extra cost, although using our stock images will have an additional charge.

Search Engines and SEO
Outside of the keywords and basic SEO meta tags we incorporate in your site, we are not responsible for search engine promotion or marketing of any kind.

Our Portfolio and Website Credit
We reserve the right to add completed projects to our portfolio. If a full web design and development project was completed by our studio, in most cases a credit “web design by Creative Design Pod” will be included at the bottom of your website.

Copyright for Logo Design
Client will have the exclusive right to the logo design chosen. All logos are made with no stock images, are 100% custom and 100% vector which means that you can scale to any size without losing quality. Any concepts that are not chosen and paid for will be a violation of Creative Design Pod’s rights if they are used elsewhere.

Copyright for Web Design
Web designs are custom-created and exclusive to each business. Note that we reserve the right to use stock images, as required, as part of your web design template. Any concepts that are not chosen and paid for will be a violation of Creative Design Pod’s rights if they are used elsewhere.

Small revisions can be made after we run the test site (like textual changes or images) or after logo concepts are presented. We allow TWO rounds of revisions. After that, however, Creative Design Pod will charge an hourly rate of £25.00.

Content From You
We ask that ALL CONTENT is given to Creative Design Pod as text, either via email or text document. This not only helps firm up an accurate and well laid out design mockup, but it helps to speed up the process and limit typing errors on the part of Creative Design Pod. We are not responsible for proof-reading your content, so please make sure there are no errors when sending it over. You will always receive a final proof to check before printing / uploading.

We work with third-party printers that we trust and are affiliated with. In the rare case that there is a printing issue, we will work with the printers to get it resolved, but any costs incurred will not be at the expense of Creative Design Pod.

Printing Colour Variations
Please note that some print materials may not show the exact same colour that is showing up on your screen. This is due to the fact that each computer screen tint can be different on each screen. Any reprints required will not be at the expense of Creative Design Pod. We recommend providing Hex #s or Pantone colours if you need exact shades matched up.

Final Artwork File Delivery
Final artwork files are emailed in a zip file. Please notify us if there is a special request.

Contract with Creative Design Pod
By entering into a project with Creative Design Pod, you are consenting to be bound by the terms of these policies and procedures. Links to our policies and procedures are posted on all our quotes and forms, as it is important to read them (and anybody else’s policies, as well) before beginning work.
Creative Design Pod’s policies and procedures can be changed or updated at any time without prior notice to you.